Brochure Pens, Banner Pens (Benefits)

brochure pen

1. The scrolling design of brochure pens / banners pen creates an instant attraction

We believe the main reason banner pens are so effective is the attraction of operating the pens. "Human nature makes us inquisitive". Banner pens / brochure pens are such a simple design; yet give them to any individual, show them the scrolling banner and and observe the attraction that only the banner pen can provide.

2. People love to play with unique items
“People are attracted to playing with unique items”. Give someone a banner pen and watch their response as they discover the hidden ability and message of these pens. Once they discover what they have in their hand you will have successfully activated a genuine human desire to play with the pen.

3. The advertising area is approximately 4.4 times larger than a business card
Why use a business card when you can use a banner pen and provide your customers with over 4 times the information that will fit on the front of a standard 90mm x 55mm business card.

4. Clients are much more likely to read your message if you already have their attention
When it comes to printed advertising, attraction is the first step in the delivery of your message. Without attraction you cannot deliver your message

5. People are much more likely to show their friends, family and associates.
Due to the unique features and design of the banner pens, customers are more likely to take notice of your advertising message and show their friends and family their newly discovered toy.

6. People usually don’t discard pens as they are an item that is used on a regular basis
People don’t usually discard a useful item such as a pen. Most people are always on the hunt for a pen, and it seems that you can never find one when you need one. Not only is it a useful item but it also has the ability to provide a wealth of information at your finger tips, such as calendars, industry data, information on products and services and more.